Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Apple Cobler

Last night Kim and I had some friends over and played bocce ball followed by apple cobler. Apple Cobler... yum...

So, it may seem silly to say, but we've never prepared our charcoal so well before. Nearly every time we barbecue, or otherwise use charcoal, its a nightmare. The charcoal sometimes lites at first but then goes out. We pour lighter fluid on and it gets really smokey. We relite it and it bursts in flames briefly. etc... It just always seems pretty difficult.

Well, this time we seemed to have gotten it right. I put the charcoal in our chimney (metal container for starting charcoal), prepped the charcoal with lighter fluid, and let it sit for about a half minute. I lit the charcoal using a long match (not standard size). After the charcoal lit on fire for some time and was slowing down I put on more lighter fluid. This time I did something different though. I squeezed the bottle really hard so that lots of fluid would hit all at once. This may have been a key difference. I did this once more.

Anyhow, it came out great and so did our apple cobler, which we ate with Vanilla Bean icecream. It was good eating.

I know, I know, the charcoal became the theme of this post. Oh well. The apple cobler was really the highlight of the night though. I think that it was the best we've ever made it. We've made it a few times and Kim appears to have mastered the proportions of the ingredients (spice cake mix, apple pie filling, cinnamon, and root beer).


Danno said...

You should of just ate the charcoal, it sounds like you prepared it even better than the cobler!

Becca said...

I heard this was hilarious.

Danno said...

Wow, I just read the comment that I wrote 5 years ago, and I think I'm funny! ha ha!

Anyway, how typical is that? Kim provides all the nice ingredients, which she's mastered and all you provide is the burning.

Or perhaps you'd say that you provide the "power"?!?

Btw, your captchas are obnoxious.