Sunday, September 7, 2008

Get to work

Not long ago I was introduced to a halarious site: This site is all about demotivating people. This ranges from using photos much like motivational ones to mugs and shirts.

Anyhow, the site is halarious and I'm not going to elaborate on it. However, I wanted to mention that one photo in the collage especially impressed me. Here is a link to it For those too lazy to click the link and view it, its a picture of a row boat with men rowing off into the distance. It's titled "Get to Work" with the quote "You aren't being paid to believe in the power of your dreams".

This picture meant something to me because for quite some time I have considered started a business of my own with my talents (Software Developer - emphasis on web development in Asp .Net 2.0). Sometimes at work I feel like I am just rowing. I'm not saying I don't like my job because actually I do. I'm saying that I do what "the man" tells me to do. If my manager, who I respect quite a bit, tells me to row then I row. However, I think rowing shouldn't stop me from pursuing some of my other interests.

Lately I have particularly been interested in what I do at work, which at the moment is building up our Solution Software Development Kit (SSDK) that integrates into Visual Studio 2005. I won't elaborate since I'm sure I will lose most people reading. Despite being so engaged, I think I'm going to pursue my dream of starting a business and begin by designing WebControls. By begin I mean continue since I've been working on this off and on for over a year now.

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Danno said...

It's odd that there would be an image at a demotivating website, that could be so motivating. It mentions a truth, desired outcomes almost never occur if you make no effort to achieve them. If you want to achieve, then you need to work.