Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chef in the house

I like to cook. I only know how to make a few things, but I make them just how I like them :)

Sadly Kim doesn't like my cooking. It's not that I don't do a good job, its more the ingredients (vegetables). Because of this I often end up cooking for myself and she'll do her own thing. We only do this some nights. Typically it happens either because one of us spoiled our dinner by snacking or eating prior to when we would eat. That or I have a craving for something Kim hates. The latter is what happened last night. I really wanted stir fry.

Earlier we went to Teryaki Stix for lunch where I requested a small container of their hot sauce they use in the Hot 'n Spicy chicken bowl (my favorite). So making stir fry also gave me a chance to use this. So, without further ado, here is my stir fry!

Here is the chicken in my wok
Here is the chicken with vegetables (I always cheat and use a mix, this time from Costco)
It was really good!!!

So, I thought I would also leave some words of wisdom in this post. Don't cut over a ceramic plate. It turns out that it isn't a good idea. I just wanted some watermelon....
At least I showed that watermelon... Ya, kept my dignity

Finally, here is my favorite breakfast and one which if you were a guest in the morning you might get to enjoy!
Eggs (usually two) and hash browns (one potato per person). I always shred a potato when making hash browns. It takes hardly any time at all, definitely cost effective, and tastes significantly better than a mix at the store. Hash Brown Mix = bad. :) Also, when I make the hash browns I salt them, pepper them, and add onion while they cook. I don't do anything to the eggs since the hashbrowns more than flavor the dish (for me). People can add their own salt, but again its just me and Kim. Since Kim doesn't like the dish it's usually just me so I might as well have it my way. Someday maybe I'll have kids that'll like it. I expect so. :)

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Danno said...

That watermelon looks really tasty!